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Rock Chip Tech

Serving Spokane, Liberty Lake, Post Falls, Coeur d'Alene and surrounding areas.

No two rock chips are the same, nor are the companies that repair them. An experienced technician makes a big difference!

We treat every windshield repair with utmost importance and care.

We make getting the rock chip taken care of as easy as possible for you too!


As a mobile-only service, we will repair your rock chip wherever it is convenient for you, offering extended evening hours and weekends as well.

You can be proud to support our local, family-owned business, rest assured knowing you will receive a great quality of service in return. 

spokane windshield repair
“Great fast mobile service thank you.”

Lisa & Tom 

Liberty Lake, WA


“Fast rock chip repair thank you.”

Mary & Andrew   

Post Falls, ID

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Should you repair your windshield rock chip yourself?


Sometimes what can seem like a quick and easy job doesn’t turn out to be so simple. If you mess up filling in your windshield chip or crack, unfortunately it can’t be re-done. There are some imperative steps to take during the repair process, and if not followed to a T, you may notice blemishes or opaque spots near the repaired section. At that point, sometimes it becomes unrepairable and a crack will begin to spread.


The use of professional grade tools to handle different types of windshield rock chips like bullseye rock chips, starburst repair chips, and spiderweb cracks, not just cosmetic ones.


You need to take into account the movement of windshield wipers. These areas, under constant pressure from windshield wipers, are prone to re-crack. 


To DIY Or Not To DIY Your Windshield Chip?

Rocks will chip and crack your windshield at some point—it’s like an unwritten, unfortunate rule of the road. And when it does, you need to decide how to handle it. Do you save some potential money and time to do it yourself? Or do you want the work to be done correctly? The choice is yours and yours alone - if you decide to have us take care of it, we will make the process as painless as possible by offering professional service and traveling to you for the repair.


Schedule an appointment today!   

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